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Jonker Street Dessert Cafe in Melaka

Dessert Cafe in Jonker Street
Jonker Street Dessert Cafe is one of the most famous stops for all tourist visiting Melaka which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malaysia.

This unique cafe which is also called Jonker Dessert 88 Cafe doubles as a museum, and serving one of Melaka's best local Baba-Nyonya dessert and food.

And almost everyone who passes Jonker Walk would have stepped into the Jonker Dessert Cafe which is located right in the middle of the famous main street.

Melaka Jonker Street Dessert Cafe
Jonker Street Dessert Cafe in Melaka
Jonker 88 Dessert Museum Cafe was formed back in 1997 by the Yoong Family who are all native Melaka people and it is located in the famous heritage district called Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat).

A local favourite, this quaint little cafe serves local Melaka desserts, noodles and also rice which is part of the Baba-Nyonya cuisine or Peranakan Cuisine.

If you should also know, the heritage city of Melaka was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status in 2009.

Nyonya Curry Laksa
Baba & Nyonya Curry Laksa
The trick here is when you enter the Jonker Cafe, you need to place your order with the stalls located just outside the 200 year old pre-war building entrance.

There are 2 stalls opposite each other where one serves desserts and the other serves out noodles and rice dishes.

The famous dishes here would be the home made Peranakan Nyonya Asam Laksa, Baba Curry Laksa, Baba Nasi Lemak and the desserts which are the Baba Ice Kachang, Baba Cendol (Chendol) and Durian Cendol with Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar).

On weekends or long holidays, the place can get a little chaotic so you have to be a little patient. I got in on a Sunday afternoon and the line to order had already reached on to the street. But it can move quite fast so you will not have to wait ages.

Jonker Street Famous Cafe
Jonker 88 Museum Cafe Interior
The next tip here is to have someone go in and get a table while you place the orders out front. Trust me, you do not want to walk in holding a tray of food with no place to sit.

So, once you get your food, head on inside this living museum cafe. The seating stretches all the way into the back portion of the shop. You can also ask to share a table if you are a couple.

Melaka Museum Cafe
Museum Cafe in Melaka
Inside the museum cafe, you will notice that there are a lot of antique pieces displayed throughout the cafe.

Aged wooden display cabinets hold priceless antiques and memorabilia which is in the front portion of the cafe.

Various items are being sold such as Pineapple Tarts and cookies and some other local cookies. I once bought a special edition postcard set of old Malacca from inside here.

So for those interested in some of the pieces, you can actually inquire about some of the items for sale there.

Melaka Kafe Muzium
Back portion of the museum cafe
While the back portion of the old shop house is a general seating area, it is divided by a wooden bar window and doorway.

The washrooms are all the way to the back. Looking around, you will also notice old Chinese and Baba-Nyonya paintings and some antiques mounted on the walls with various vintage items such as irons, cash registers, telephones and many other interesting items carefully placed around the area.

Asam Laksa Nyonya Melaka
Nyonya Asam Laksa
The food and desserts served at the Jonker Cafe are an absolutely must try for anyone visiting Melaka. Here you will get a taste of the famous Melaka Peranakan Baba and Nyonya cuisine.

I must say that in the last 2 years, I have visited this place 4 times at Jonker Walk. Every time I make a trip to Melaka, I must make it a point to stop here for the addictive food and desserts sold here.

Melaka Nyonya Food
Nyonya Nasi Lemak and Ice Kacang
One of my favourite combinations would be the Nyonya Nasi Lemak with the Baba Ice Kacang and my Iced Teh Tarik (Iced Tea with Milk).

The food never goes wrong on my every visit, just that the crowd is getting bigger every time I go there.

I will not be going into details about the food and desserts here as they speak for themselves. After my multiple visits and it still taste good, I can assure you they have a pretty good standard here.

My personal conclusion to Jonker Street 88 Cafe:
  • Must visit for the local food, desserts and ambiance
  • Does get super crowded on weekends
  • Overall charm spoilt by the cheap utensils used
  • One of the overtourism places in Melaka
  • Turnaround time is pretty quick as people eat and leave fast
  • Value for money
Price Range: RM 2.50 to RM6.00  for food

Address for Jonker Dessert 88 Cafe;
Jonker Dessert 88 (Museum Cafe)
88, Jonker Walk
Jalan Hang Jebat 75200

Opening Hours:
Daily - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays - 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

019-3975665 (Jason)
019-2517667 (Jenny)
019-6695959 (Johnson)

Jonker Street Map in Melaka

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Please note that some of the pictures here were taken from my iPhone 1, which was back in 2009, so do excuse the quality of the photos. 

Eating at the Jonker Street Dessert Cafe in Melaka is one of the main highlights for me whenever I visit this old historical city. But remember, this was in 2009, and now, this place is part of the overtourism in Malaysia. 

I would recommend you visit this place from Tuesdays till Fridays, as the Jonker Street Dessert Cafe can get really crowded on weekends and long holidays. 


Stanley said...

I remember that place! One does not easily forget a restaurant with such a catchy name lol. Melaka is definitely one of the food hubs in Malaysia.

Malaysia Asia said...

Yes Stanley, this is the one place that everyone would pass or see when in Melaka. Actually, one of my favourites too.


Ken Wooi said...

my favourite!
they have lots of good food there! =D


francis said...

What a BEAUTIFUL site-such a treat when you can't go yourself-wonderful photos-thanks so much!! Francis http://www.geothermalquestions.net

Nicholas Leong said...

The cendol is nice but I prefer the other stall. A small lil stall that you can go upstairs and sit and eat. Lol cant remember the name but its around the Jonker area.

Both different version, I'll go to Jonker 88 if I crave for the thick gula melaka.

Catherine said...

that's one of my fav in Melaka. best laksa... yummy~

Lyne said...

Next time, you should try the morning dim sum place, right opposite the masjid/temple (parallel to Jonker St)Love this place, you get to see the true Malaysian cultures in one street. Also, look for a dish called Ba Kee Teng at Jalan Kampung Pantai. It's an Authentic Malaccan-Hokkien dish. Do not leave without having the Taiwanese Beef Noodle + Pork strips in Bachang area. Yum yum :)

shloke said...

Excellent review! The interior setting is simply unique and attractive.

Gosh! I missed Malacca food! You are making me HUNGRY :)


Malaysia Asia said...

Ken - Awesome stuff here always. Never fails to satisfy.

Thank you Francis :)

Nicholas - You got to let me know where the other is.

Catherine - Agree with you :)

Lyne - Ok, you've given me more places to try out on my next trip there. Thanks.

Mylo - When you visiting Melaka?


Ps. By the way, I visited Melaka in Dec and had about 10 different types of local food but I am not going to blog about it here. Too much local food doesn't work with my site. So maybe I may start a food blog soon :) Stay tuned, food lovers!

Robo said...

Tasted the Cendol before, excellent! Even some said, the Cendol seller at Studhuys is better...but I like this one with a proper sitting area.
Thanks for sharing.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Robo, thanks for the comment and to be honest, I have also tried the Studhuys and also the old man in town. They all have individual taste and are all equally nice.

Seriously, I have all the info and pictures of a lot of places for food in Melaka but I would not be featuring them here as I want this to be a full travel blog and not too food related. Maybe one day when I have some extra time, I would launch my food-travel-blog :) Unless someone wants to buy my info hehehe.


Harv Kay said...

This is a very good site with lots of review on places to visit and food to eat. It definately drives the point on Malaysia being a food destination. The wonderful culninary array of food is a great way to bring cultures together. Food is a powerful way for children to understand geography and culture.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Harv, Melaka is indeed one of the popular choices for KLtes and Singaporeans, especially for the weekends and it is truly a great way to introduce cultures via food as you mentioned.


Malaysia Asia said...

Bess Kopitiam, well, after I deleted your initial postings, you should know that I am not allowing linking or cheap-free-promotions on my site, especially on to an article who is your competitor. Either you don't get it or I'm just speechless on how some Malaysians don't get it. If you want to advertise your cafe, you can always contact me or get someone to write about your place. Please stop doing this.