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Silver Leaf Monkeys at Bukit Malawati Hill

Bukit Malawati Silver Leaf Monkeys
The unique Silver Leaf Monkeys at the Bukit Malawati Hill in Kuala Selangor are one of the star attractions for anyone visiting this place.

While most locals call them monkeys, these local residents are called the Silver Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus cristatus) and are often seen roaming freely around here. They are generally harmless towards humans and are sometimes afraid of us.

Silver Leaf Monkeys at Bukit Malawati Hill

Selangor Silver Leaf MonkeySilver Leaf Monkey by the lighthouse

As I visited Bukit Malawati on a Sunday evening at about 4.00 pm, I was greeted by two groups of Silver Leaf Monkeys.

They travel in groups and are apparently quite territorial among themselves. So the larger group was at the main attraction where the lighthouse was located while the other group was seen circling the area looking for some food.

Monkey food being sold here

For those who prefer some comfort, there is a tram service from the foot of the hill. The tram going up stops at the lighthouse to unload tourists and these silver Leaf Monkeys know where the first stop is.

There are even locals selling monkey food here, mostly long beans prepared in stacks and selling and RM 1.00 per bunch.

A Caucasian child attempting to play with the monkey

I must have seen at least 30 Silver Leaf Monkeys there on that Sunday evening. Even some foreign tourists had their children play with the monkeys.

Locals were seen wondering why these foreigners were not afraid of the monkeys attacking their kids.

Anyhow, the father was just next to the little toddler as he kept trying to pull one of the monkeys. (The kid was not harmed in this picture)

Golden Silver Leaf Monkey BabySilver Leaf Mother with the Golden Baby

One thing absolutely amazing about these unique Silver Leaf Monkeys is their newborn. The little baby monkeys are born to a golden color which eventually turns black like the adults.

So seeing one of the baby silver leaf monkeys was a bonus for me. Capturing them on camera was an added bonus!

Malawati Hill Silver Leaf MonkeySee, hear and speak no evil

These silver leaf monkeys are very family orientated as they tend to hang around in large groups, and often seen all over the place.

The babies will always stay close to the mother and they can be very protective at times so do not try to lure the golden baby silver leaf to you. You do not want to upset the mother.

Photo of Silver Leaf MonkeyMonkeys in the silhouette

Portrait of Silver Leaf MonkeySilver Leaf Monkey sitting on a rail

These silver leaf monkeys also love to hang out of the road barricade by sitting there with only one thing on their minds - food.

At times you may find a great Kodak moment when you see about 10 of them all in a row sitting. Sadly, my Kodak moment was with 4 of them only.

Malaysia Silver Leaf Monkey PhotoSilver Leaf Monkey profile shot

This last Silver Leaf Monkey took the opportunity to do a profile for me. However, it took me a good 10 minutes to get close to him for this shot.

No zoom involved too. I did that old trick where I sat down and inched my way to him casually, just to get the shot.


To ger here, it is a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. You can also read my other article on Bukit Malawatiti as I have more information about this beautiful place in Kuala Selangor.

If you are a photographer and enjoy shooting wildlife, you should try visiting this place as the monkeys are around most of the time.

The best possible times to visit here are either in the mornings or late afternoons to see Silver Leaf Monkeys at Bukit Malawati Hill.


Stanley said...

I've never seen half orange/half black monkey before. Interesting! Lol its like they had it purposely coloured.

KwOnG FeI said...

nice pic.. now searching the map

yoon see said...

Me too never seen such beautiful monkey before!
They are not shy at all!

Malaysia Asia said...

Stanley, this is one great place to explore your photography. Seriously.

Kwong, great day trip here, provided you buy the seafood on your way back.

YoonSee, Yes, friendly to a limit but they just want the food....


Denise said...

The baby silver langur I photographs was much younger and even more golden. You can see it here:


Anonymous said...

I went to Bukit Melawati for the second time - a lovley place to visit. I sat on the road having conversation with a mother silver leaf monkey who allowed her orange coloured baby played with my hand back and sat on my lap. How about that? I was so thrilled!!! You have to be patient and gentle to win the trust of the protective mother.

Josh @ Green Global Travel said...

Bukit Malawati Hill looks like a great place to visit. It's very interesting how the Silver Leaf Monkeys' fur changes from gold to black when they get older.