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Redang Reef Resort at Pulau Redang

Redang Reef Resort at Pulau Redang

Redang Reef Resort as the name says is located at one of the best spots in Pulau Redang. The place is more of a homestay style lodge catering to mostly locals and also backpacking foreigners who are out to seek some fun in the sun, snorkeling and diving. The catchy wooden walkway which is built over the rocks looks very impressive as walking here, you see some of Pulau Redang's crystal clear waters.

Redang Reef Resort - Arriving ferry at the resort

The Redang Reef Resort is also connected by a wooden walkway to the main area of the Laguna Redang Resort. Most guests are ferried here via boat directly from the mainland and they stop right in front of the resort itself. If you are traveling by foot or simply exploring the area, you will be mesmerized by the turquoise blue waters with clarity that you see only in postcards and sand that is almost pure white.

View of the waters from the wooden walkway

Redang Reef Resort Main signboard

The Resort also claims that if you stay here, you are to experience authentic Malaysian architecture with a window by the sea. I was expecting some sea view chalets or villas but I guess I was wrong when I actually step foot at the resort, it was purely a budget styled place. 

A school of fish (in black) around some divers

While here, I saw a number of people learning to scuba dive around the waters of the resort as there is a dive shop and center available here called Leisure Divers. So if you are looking for a place to learn scuba diving or want to continue your advanced diving, you could inquire here.

Apparently from what my local guide told me, there have been many sightings of harmless sharks around Pulau Redang, so if you love snorkeling or diving, Redang is one of the great places for this as there is also a number of dive centers or shops around the island.

Leisure Divers Dive Center at Pulau Redang

Beach at the back of the resort

There is only one beach at the back of the resort. You can see from the picture above that the waters are nice but there are a lot of corals so they are not swim friendly. Best to go out from the resort to the main beach if you want to swim.

A resident squirrel at the resort

Local resident squirrels are seen playing around the resort and sometimes they come around the restaurant looking for some food. Speaking of food, the resort restaurant offers local Chinese, Malay and some Western food for meals. They provide free rounds of Coffee, Tea, Milo and biscuits throughout the day if you are hungry.

Redang Reef Resort - Double storey room units

There are a total of 32 rooms in a few blocks of wooden double-storey structures. There are also no chalets or villas at this resort. From the pictures you can tell what they are. Basic and average living conditions suitable for those on a budget.

Connected double storey longhouse rooms

For the record, this is a popular resort being sold in packages so you will not be getting much privacy here. A romantic get-away is also NOT suggested here. Families and groups are mostly sighted at the resort.

My personal opinion on the Redang Reef Resort - This place caters to the weekend holiday makers, travelers on a shoestring budget, backpackers and mostly teenagers. If you are looking for some couple time, it is best to find a slightly better resort with privacy.Most of the packages sold are a 3D/2N full board package so you can check directly with them or any of the local travel agencies around Malaysia.

Redang Reef Resort Travel and Tours
167 Jalan Bandar
20100 Kuala Terengganu
West Malaysia

Telephone: 609 622 6181

email: contact@redangreefresort.com.my 

On Pulau Redang, there are many choices of resorts to choose from and you should also take note of the Monsoon Season which is from October to March. Most of the resorts will close during this season so do check ahead. Some of the resorts remain open with half price rooms but be prepared.


EVo said...

Brudder! i've been here before..but not stayed la. i was in bay view, i think. 7-8 years back.

1 good thing about redang reef is that..it's d only place with service! that's why i went there for..that 1 bar of service! xD

TheJessicat said...

yo hogan :) i've always wanted to go to redang. huhu!

Malaysia Asia said...

Evo, wow, long time ago huh? haha I think it is much better now with the phone service there. Most of the places I went has service.

Jess!! So when you plan for a Redang trip? It's really nice you know.


Stanley said...

0__0 Sharks?? I'm gonna rethink my next trip to redang man. Serious phobia....lol

Unknown said...

i love island very,very much!Espeacially pulau Redang,like to stay at Redang Reef.Dun know why? Maybe i like the environment there.Somemore i hv a best friend there name 'Din' always take me tour all the time,he very helpfull!