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Paris Van Java Shopping Mall in Bandung

Bandung Paris Van Java Mall
The Paris Van Java Shopping Mall in Bandung is one of the highly popular shopping spots for the locals and also tourists.

The modern concept mall is located at Jalan Setiabudi, and everyone and anyone in Bandung knows about PVJ as the locals call it.

If you are a lifestyle person or shopping lover, this is one of the places in Bandung that you must visit when you are here.

Paris Van Java Shopping Mall in Bandung

The name Paris Van Java came about as back in the day, Bandung was known as the Paris of Java mostly due to the Dutch colonization era.

For those planning to visit Bandung and want something else to do besides visiting factory outlets, PVJ is probably one of the recommended places to explore.

Here, you can indulge in some serious shopping, coffee or just relaxing with your loved ones or family. Generally, anything retail famous in Bandung is most likely available here.

Bandung Paris Van Java
Paris Van Java Entrance to Sogo
So, what is this Paris Van Java? According to the PVJ website, it is a Resort Lifestyle Place and a mega huge shopping mall which looks so much nicer than most of the other older malls around Bandung.

On my trip here in 2009, I had some spare time so my driver suggested we go take a look inside the mall.

What surprised me is that Paris van Java is really huge with over 5,000 square meters of shopping and 200 European styled shops.

Bandung PVJ
The outdoor area of PVJ
Retail Shops at Paris van Java

The kind of shopping you will find in here is from the middle to high-end items, so one would not find any cheaper or low-quality brands there.

One of the brands I saw there was Charles & Keith selling handbags and shoes, while other popular brands include Esprit, Mango (MNG), Roxy, La Senza, Rip Curl, Nike, Crocs, Adidas and many others.

However, if you are expecting high street and luxury stores, you will not expect Versace, Armani, DKNY, Prada, Hugo and the super top named outlets here.

Exotic plants stall

Overall, it is a nice place to go for a meal and do some window shopping. Only if you have the time to spare in Bandung. The ambiance in the PVJs street area is also very nice.

They have an open area with stalls in the middle selling various items from knick-knacks to even rare exotic jungle plants.

I was so tempted to buy some plants but I know it would not make it through the customs back to Malaysia.

Indonesia Staghorn Ferns
Staghorn ferns used as decorations on trees at the mall
The way they use the Staghorn Ferns (Tanduk Rusa) as decorations around the open area is also very different and interesting.

Planted along the mall street, these Staghorn Ferns are huge, beautiful and well taken care of. I must say that the landscaping department of PVJ is really creative.

Choices of restaurants available

At PVJ, there is a fantastic selection of food available ranging from local cuisine to international restaurant and cafe names.

There are cafes and bars in the main entrance walk area and restaurants located throughout Paris Van Java.

The mall is also pretty busy with most locals patronizing or simply doing some shopping as they have Sogo and also Carrefour there.

Paris van Java ePlex
ePles at Paris van Java
Entertainment at Paris van Java

There is an entertainment area with bars and clubs with live bands performing. Not forgetting the Karaoke which is called Inul Vizta.

For the movie lovers, there is a cineplex called Blitz Megaplex and again for the kids, there is a Jurassic World and also Kids-X-Kids Playground.

With all of these entertainment places, it makes the mall the perfect family getaway minus the Factory Outlet feel.

Pepper Lunch Hamburger Steak

The food at Paris van Java

For food, I tried the newly opened Pepper Lunch Japanese Fine Steaks, which is a fast-food restaurant serving a variety of Japanese style dishes.

The only reason I tried this was that they do not have it in Malaysia. (Update April 2017, they now have Pepper Lunch in Malaysia)

Another thing you have to be careful at PVJ is when it rains, the outdoor street area is not fully covered so walking there would be wise with an umbrella.

Also, parking on weekends can be really bad. If you have a driver, they would either drop you at the main entrance and pick you from there.

Read this link for a full detailed list of shops in Paris Van Java in Bandung, plus you can get up to date information about the shopping mall in Bandung.

Due to competition in the fast-moving city of Bandung, Paris van Java organizes many events especially on weekends to lure the consumers to the mall.

Paris van Java Information
Address: Jl. Sukajadi No.131-139, Cipedes, Kec. Sukajadi, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162, Indonesia
Tel: +62 22 2060800
Business Hours: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Final Thoughts on Paris van Java in Bandung

If you are planning to visit Bandung to do some Factory Outlet Shopping, chances are you will be spending at least the weekend or maybe four to five days there.

Bandung is a huge city with lots to offer, and one of the local cuisines is the famous Sundanese Food, which can be found all over the city area.

The city is also well known for its cakes and desserts where anyone visiting here must at least try the famous Kartika Sari Layer Cake. Trust me, you will want to buy some home as souvenirs.

Apart from just plain shopping or staying in the hotel, there are also sightseeing to be done or you can simply take a break and visit the Paris Van Java shopping mall in Bandung. 


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