Nasi Lemak at Adam Road Food Court Singapore

Nasi Lemak at Adam Road Food Court in Singapore, who would have though that there is great nasi lemak in Singapore. After over 12 visits to the little republic in just 3 years, I should highlight this here because most Malaysians would always complain that there is no good food in Singapore. Well let me correct you here as much has changed.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is found at the Adam Park Food Court, which is located at the corner of Adam Road and Dunearn Road. A good landmark would be the Adam Road Hospital opposite. It is quite easy to find anyway. Just pop it into your GPS and you should find the place easily. I usually stay just near by at Adam Road which is how I found this place.

Adam Road Food Court is a nice small cozy little place with around 30+ hawker stalls there. Some apparently quite well known too. But it is the Nasi Lemak there that I keep going back whenever I make a visit to Singapore. Not to be confused, there are actually two stalls just next to each other at the Adam Food Court.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak Royal Rumble Set

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is the one I prefer where the neighbor is called Adam Nasi Lemak which is also a favourite among other nasi lemak lovers. Actually both stalls have thriving business throughout the day. If you come here for lunch or dinner, be prepared to queue for the Malay dish.

The fragrant rice here is really fluffy as they use really good quality basmati rice. The santan used is minimal unlike those found locally in Malaysia where after one meal, your eyes tend to start closing and you are off to nap. Personally, I prefer this type of flavor as many people seem to like more of the lemak (coconut).

Fried items such as fish, egg and chicken are available and very non-oily. Served also is a piece of Otak-otak (Traditional fish mousse) wrapped in banana leaf. The sambal (A hot spicy sauce) is perfect for me, not too sweet, not too spicy. As for the fried chicken, they only have chicken wings there. Nothing to shout about but the taste is quite acceptable. Plain deep fried with batter. And finally the Begedil (Fried potato patties/cakes) was nice. Not too over cooked, soft and tasty.

Overall, I would say this dish is on the top of the list in Singapore. I would also classify this dish here as much better than most places in Malaysia. Again, it is a very subjective matter so this is only my personal opinion. Some of the Singaporeans I know would also claim that this is the best nasi lemak in Singapore to date.

Teh Cino with Ice

Another thing I like about the concept that the outlet practices is that they have a light box sign with 7 different Nasi Lemak Sets placed above the stall. From the basic plain set to the Royal Rumble Set which has everything put in. One just needs to look at the sets available and order them at the counter. Prices range from SG$2.00 for the cheapest set to SG$5.00 for the Royal Rumble set.

Why I say concept, the light boxes have lights for each of the sets. So if a set is sold out, they flip a switch and the red sign reads 'Sold Out' on top of the set. How creative can they get? I tell you, this is such a great idea as when you are lining up, you already know what they have or don't have. Makes things so much easier. On a side note, apparently the Sultan of Brunei sends his aides here to 'take-away' the Nasi Lemak whenever his majesty is visiting Singapore and there are various newspaper cuttings and write ups at the stall.

Nasi Lemak at Adam Food Court address in Singapore;
2, Adam Road
Adam Food Court,
Stall No. 2 S289876

Telephone: 98434509
Owner: Mr. Haji Hassan
Business hours: 6.30am till 10.00pm

Other hawkers worth a try here are the Prawn Mee, Mutton Soup, Chinese noodles, Chinese desserts and Malay rich. Malaysians, stay away from the Maggi and Mee Goreng. They put a colouring and it turns out red. On Smoking at the food court, there are only 2 tables in the center for smoking. So if you want to puff away, you need to do it there or outside the food court.

Parking is available outside the Adam Road Food Court but remember to display your parking coupons, even on weekends and public holidays. Most of the time when I visit the food court, the parking is full. So I just wait it out.

Map to Adam Road Cood Court, Singapore

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After many years of going in and out of Singapore and without fail, I will make time to visit this place to get my fix of Nasi Lemak at Adam Road Food Court.
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c0co said...

teh cino??isit teh ice ar?XD~*

Farah said...

nice blog Mr David.. u make me hungry (even I just ate a wholesome meal of nasi tomato).. hehee.. fell in luv with ur blog already..


I think I went last time I was there... it was excellent! I like the otak2 =)

StevenBoy1986 said...

Wow... I like Nasi Lemak~~~

David Jr said...

Coco - It is, but much nicer :)

Farah - Thank you for the kind words.

Ishan - Awesome! Whe I was writing this, I kept thinking about the Begedil....

Steven - I love it too! Never heard of anyone who does not like Nasi Lemak :)

Chee Yong said...

going to try it! niceeee

David Jr said...

Chee yong, did you try it?


eunice said...

I've soooo much to say abt this - Msians complain abt S'pore food. LOLx! Where should I start? So, not only S'poreans like to complain yeah? hehehe

I think many tourists only visit downtown area n ultimately, they may go to food courts in shopping malls for meals. I won't say there is no good food in food courts, but it's more "commercialized", n also if you notice, many stalls are not even manned by S'poreans or Msians when they are selling our local dishes! So, where are the local flavours?

As you can see, S'pore is a fast-developing nation. In fact, many old hawker centres have been pulled down or renovated and with much increase in rentals, many old hawkers rather choose to retire whereas their highly educated younger generation have other dreams to fulfill. So you do see many food chains in SG instead.

If tourists can venture into residential areas, there are still many cheap and nice local flavours waiting to be discovered. But many of these places are not accessible by MRT.

Also, generally S'pore hawker food is not expensive, compared to other developed countries.

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