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Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore

Best Chicken Rice in Singapore
If you think about Chicken Rice in Singapore, then there must be hundreds of shops and stalls that sell this traditional Chinese favorite rice dish.

However, there is one place called Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant, which was recommended by a friend of a friend and is located at Upper Thompson Road in Singapore.

Locals would also call the place 'Chicken Rice at Thompson Row', which has a very unique and distinctive taste and I had to try it for myself when I was here.

Nam Kee Best Chicken Rice in Singapore? 

Rated as one of the best chicken rice in Singapore but apparently, this place attracts many mixed reviews from locals and foreigners.

The older generation would classify this place as one of the best while the younger generation would tend to disagree on many points. Again, as they say, food is always a subjective topic.

Honestly, I was just out to experience the Singaporean local food since I regularly visit the island republic, and here is my personal opinion to the Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore.

Deep Friend Dumplings in Singapore
Fried dumplings sold as an extra at Nam Kee in Singapore
For starters, Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant can be pretty crowded or even full during lunch and weekends so best to avoid the busy hours if you are gain to try this well-known chicken rice.

I would also recommend you go just before the lunch hour so nothing is sold out, especially the roast chicken, which is the most popular here.

On the service there, you should casually expect the typical 'I am very busy so do not rush me' attitude there. Some people can accept this and some just can't.

Also, I found a lot of expatriates in Singapore love to frequent this place. Most of them eat-in and some prefer taking away. This has been the word of mouth for the expatriates living in Singapore.

Nam Kee looks pretty plain from the outside and inside, it is a very simple and basic coffee shop set up, where it is clean and fully air-conditioned.

They do have a few tables placed outside the premises. Prices are a little more than your stall hawker and the rice and chicken can be a tad salty on occasion.

Dishes at Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore
The many side dishes available at Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore
Nam Kee Chicken Rice also serves other side dishes than chicken rice. Among the dishes, you can order a variety of vegetables stir-fried, deep-fried won ton (sui kow), pork dishes, fish and even replace your rice for porridge.

They also have noodles and other styles of chicken. Check their menu when visiting and yes, this place is not Halal, so Muslims cannot eat here.

The chicken rice chili they serve is also worth a mention as it tastes good with a lot of garlic added. Don't forget they have the minced ginger for your chili. Not many places have this.

Now, the chicken - The Roast chicken (Siew Kai ~ my favorite) has a nice crunchy skin with the meat a little juicy (could be juicer) and tender, which is just nicely salted to perfection while the White chicken (Pak Kai) is just average but acceptable.

The Soy chicken they have is also just average and their fragrant rice (Yau fan) is also nicely flavored and not over oily.

Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant Singapore
Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant entrance
Overall, I found the chicken rice here quite acceptable and much better than most of the other chicken rice hawkers I tried in Singapore.

I also dare to say that Nam Kee Chicken Rice is much better than a lot of chicken rice shops in Malaysia. This is how much our Malaysian local food scene is losing touch.

So, is it worth the try here? I would recommend it from personal experience. At least once too, if you are visiting the republic.

Either go for the full course or just for the basic chicken rice. If it was really that bad as many people claim, why are people filling up the place, I wonder.

Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant Address;
201 Up Thomson Rd, Singapore 574343
Telephone/Contact : +65 6253 4502

Map to Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore

Final Thoughts to Nam Kee Chicken Rice in Singapore

Most local Malaysians and Singaporeans are always neck-to-neck when it comes to local food, and this review is just to highlight that there is some amazing local food found in Singapore. 

Read my other review of the well known Nasi Lemak at Adam Park Food Court in Singapore, as that is hands down one of the best I have tried. 

A visit to Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant in Singapore will surely put all your doubts to the test, and I being a local Malaysian, have found that this place does, in fact, impress me. 


Stanley said...

Lol I love chicken rice no matter what...

Malaysia Asia said...

Hiya Stanley, same here LOL. Chicken rice is always nice, but then again ,there are those where on the 1st mouth, you will know how good it is.

Unknown said...

i have been to singapore but missed Namkee restaurant thanks for the information


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sophie said...

I often go to Singapore. i book my tickets from http://www.cheapticket.co.uk/singapore.aspx

but i never go there , next time i will try to take bite of it.

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