Lang Cave in Mulu National Park Sarawak Borneo

Lang Cave at Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia

Lang Cave - Information signboard

The Lang Cave or Langs Cave in the National Park of Mulu in Sarawak is one of the caves worth a quick visit if you do go there. The cave is located just next to the Deer Cave in the park and a few minutes walk from the Bat Observatory. This is one of the smallest caves in the Mulu National Park. For more details on the walk here, please read my Deer Cave blog.

Lang Cave - Start of the journey inside

From my research, I found that the Langs Cave was named after a guide who led an expedition in the late 70s to research the caves in Mulu. Therefore this small show cave was named after the local guide.

You are required to bring a torchlight for your cave exploration at any of the caves. In the Lang Cave, there is a wooden walkway and concrete one with rails that leads you inside and then out again. The beauty about the Lang Cave is the formation of the limestone for over thousands of years.

Lang Cave - Beautiful rock formations

The Lang Cave is also well lit by the National Park Management so you get to see all the different formations, stalagmite and stalactites. You are reminded not to touch any of them.

The cave here is also a wet cave as there is water dripping off the stalagmites almost everywhere. I even tried drinking the water as it is super pure.

The author posing with a rock formation

Again I want to stress, please be dressed for your cave exploration as you would not want to fall and hurt your self. Worst, get laughed at by the park guides. In my 4 times of going to Mulu, I have seen the best to the worst. From fully geared foreigners right to the Asian-going-to-the-mall dressing. I kid you not! I wish I had taken pictures of these local Asians. There were those who came in their mini skirts and heels. Some even came as if they just finished a weekend clubbing session with the bling and LV or Gucci handbags.

Lang Cave - Lookout for cave critters

If you have sharp eyes, you may be able to see cave critters like bats, swiftlets, spiders or even small cave snakes inside the Lang Cave. Do ask your guide about it and do not scream if you stp on squishy stuff. It could just be bat droppings or bat guano.

Lang Cave - Excellent photography in here

The Lang Cave is also a great challenge to photograph. Again, professional photographers will have a field day here while the amatures will struggle like how I did. Do not bother with your flash as it will probably ruin the overall effect of the beauty this cave gives.

The time you would take to visit the Lang Cave would probably 20 to 30 minutes before you proceed to the main Deer Cave. I personally find photographing this cave a challenge as every time I visit this cave, I spend too much time fiddling with my camera. One day I will get it right!

Info on this Lang Cave can be found at the Mulu Park website.

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