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Bharat Tea Plantation at Cameron Highlands

Bharat Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands

For any tea lovers visiting Malaysia, the Bharat Tea Plantations on the way up to Cameron Highlands is definitely one of the must-visit places here.

There are currently three tea houses owned by Cameron Bharat Plantations where two of them are located along the way up via Tanah Rata, which is frequented by local and foreign tourists.

At cool temperatures, this tea shop is a beautiful place to just sit back and relax with some tea and scones, especially after a long drive up the highlands from the city.

Bharat Tea Plantations and Tea Shop

Cameron Highlands Bharat Tea Shop
Bharat Tea Shop serving tea and scones

The Bharat Tea Shop is also located by the side of the main road, so everyone travelling up the highlands via car, van, or bus can quickly stop at the tea houses for a cuppa, or even a toilet stop.

You cannot miss this place if you are travelling up from Tapah way or the old road up, as is evident, namely with the large bright signboards.

This new edition, the third in the chain, was opened in 2009 and is located half a kilometre after the first tea house along your way up to Cameron Highlands.

There is ample parking available here, so if you find the first tea house crowded, just drive a little further, and you have other choices.

Tea plantation view Cameron Highlands
View from the Bharat Tea House
At the Bharat Tea Shop, the views are simply breathtaking on a clear and windy day. Just order the famous Cameron Valley Tea, some freshly cooked scones or even a strawberry pie and sit back here.

The place also has a gift shop that sells a variety of teas and things related to tea. Another shop next to this place also sells Cameron Highlands souvenirs if you need some for your friends or relatives.

Cameron Highlands Tea and Scones
Tea and scones at Cameron Highlands.

While here, we ordered a pair of scones with a pot of tea and a cup of iced tea and enjoyed the cooling breeze at the balcony of the tea house.

However, the scones come with around RM12 for 2 scones, which was a little on the high side but then again, they came with authentic cream and some jam.

The scones served are super fresh and tasty, crumbling in your mouth when you bite in; it was one of the best scones I have tried in Cameron Highlands to date.

Video of the Bharat Tea Plantation and Tea House

Bharat Tea Plantation Video

Tea Shop, Bharat Cameron Highlands
View of the Bharat Tea Shop from the plantation.

When you are done with Tea & Scones, you can simply take the stairs down to the tea plantation as it is open to visitors. However, there is no guide, so it is free for all.

Many people will go down and grab pictures as the landscape is breathtaking. Well, I just had to join in the fun.

Happily snapping away and even doing some macro shots of the tea leaves. Don't be surprised that if you come here on weekends, the place will be crowded.

Photo of tea leaves Malaysia
Close up of the local tea leaves.

Tea Plantation at Bharat
View of the Bharat Tea Plantation.

Well, when you visit Cameron Highlands, you would want to try the local tea and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

Trust me, every visit I make there, I will make sure to stop over for some Tea and Scones, admiring the sheer beauty of the plantations there.

Directions to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur:

1. Just get on the PLUS Highway heading North to Ipoh.
2. When you reach the Tapah turn off, signboards for the Cameron Highlands exit to the left.
3. After paying for your toll, take a left at the first traffic lights.

4. Just follow the road all the way straight. A prominent marker will be the Kuala Woh Recreational Park sign, keep going straight all the way, and the streets will be winding. So if you have motion sickness, be prepared.

5. The winding journey will take about 1.5 hours till you reach Tanah Rata. There will be a stop at the Iskandar Waterfalls if you wish to walk around to stretch your legs. Local handicraft and food/drinks available. Falls are pretty huge there.

6. 1st town you reach is Ringlet, continue up to the next town, Tanah Rata (Starbucks is available here!!), and the topmost town is Brinchang. The Equatorial Hotel (Now re-branded to Copthorne Hotel) is located at the highest point called Kea Farm, about 1,600 meters above sea level.


For those heading up the highlands for a weekend or simply to enjoy the cool air up here, you should take some time to fully explore the many places of interest here.

If you love tea and scones, I would highly recommend you make a trip to the Bharat tea plantation at Cameron Highlands to get your fix.

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Stanley said…
I used to go there all the time when I was little. Nice and relaxing place to go, because its not very busy.
Ben said…
very nice landscape of Bharat tea farm :) So far only been to the Boh Sungai Palas tea farm... thank for the info and will drop by @ Bharat next time to CH.
yoon see said…
Cool teascape!
Haven't been to Cameron before, look like I got to make a trip there! Thanks for sharing these cool shots and story:)
Malaysia Asia said…
Stanley, agree - best time to go is actually on a weekday when the city is not there.

Benedict, you should it is much improved too.

Yoon See, oh my.... you SHOULD make a trip soon! You will not regret it.