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Malay Chicken Rice Nasi Ayam Melayu in Johor Bahru

Johor Malay Chicken Rice
A friend recommended trying some Malay Chicken Rice at Warung Saga in Johor Baharu if I ever was in Johor so, with my regular trips to Singapore, I stopped by one of them to give it a try.

First, finding the place was not easy, but thanks to google maps, I eventually found it, and it was a nice surprise for me. Mind you, this was in 2009.

Think of it as a local roadside stall done up all nicely, taking customers down memory lane. This was something very Malaysian, and I am glad I took up the challenge to look for this place.

Warung Saga Malay Chicken Rice Johor Bahru

Warung Saga Chicken Rice JohorMenu surrounded by portraits of famous local Malaysians

From what I was told, Warung Saga is famous for breakfast items such as Laksa Johor, Nasi Lemak, and Lontong. Their kuih (cakes) are not too bad, but on all my three trips there, I always ended up with dinner there.

They also have Nasi Campur (Malay Mixed Rice) in the afternoons. Look at the menu for different items daily. I am also yet to try their burgers and roti canai. It looks like my next trip's menu.

The uniqueness of this place goes to the decoration in this house cum restaurant. If you look at the walls, they have tons of pictures covering almost every part of the restaurant.

On looking closely, there are pictures of the Johor Royal family in generations. Some go back to the late eighteen hundreds.

There are also pictures of the late P.Ramlee and some other famous Malay actors from back in the day (the 50s to 60s). Not that I am a fan, but I think most Malaysians would know P.Ramlee and A.R. Badul.

Some of the old black and white movies instantly rang a bell when I glanced at more pictures. I also saw a photocopy of the late P.Ramlee's I.C (Identity Card) on display.

And hey, even Tun Dr Mahathir's old pictures were there with Elvis Presley and the Queen of England.

Warung Saga Nasi Ayam Melayu in JohorWarung Saga Nasi Ayam Melayu (Malay Chicken Rice)

I ordered the Nasi Ayam (Malay Chicken Rice) as usual, and it was actually one of the better Malay style chicken rice I have had in years.

The chicken is super tender, the rice is excellent, and the soup was wonderful. I gotta hand it to Warung Saga as the consistency is just great.

Johor Warung Saga Nasi Goreng AyamWarung Saga Nasi Goreng Ayam

My friend ordered the Nasi Goreng Ayam (Malay Chicken Fried Rice), which was very nice compared to what is being sold in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.

The soup was well balanced and tasty, while the chicken came with a savoury sambal type sauce. It is done by frying the chicken and the sauce together before serving you. It was a medium, spicy taste.

Warung Saga Address:
No.5, Jalan Mahamoodiah
Landmark: Opposite Rima College, Johor Bahru

Business hours:
7.00 am till past midnight.
Fridays only after 5.00 pm.
Sundays from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Sunset in Johor PhotoBeautiful sunset along the PLUS Highway


The photo above was a Johor sunset before heading into Singapore. Sometimes the PLUS Highway gives us some nice scenic skies, and we just have to keep a lookout and a camera ready for that beautiful moment.

The next time you head to Singapore or Johor, you can try the Malay Chicken Rice or Nasi Ayam Melayu at Warung Saga in Johor Bahru as they are highly recommended by many people.

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EVo said…
This is awesome. I love malay nasi ayam..and if u eat by hand it's lagi best =)
Anonymous said…
Wow, looks delicious!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Evo, yes, by hand is the best :) Too bad in town there are not too many nice ones.

Nikeez, thanks for the posting and visit :)
kayakmama said…
I hail from JB, but I don't remember this place. Is it new? I should eat there. Thanks for the address.Kayaker.
Travel for less said…
I wish I could tried some of halal food in Malaysia. Halal food is getting more and more popular everywhere in the world. In USA and UK there are lots of halal food stores.
Malaysia Asia said…
I am sure that one day you will be able to. Yes it is becoming very popular in the developed countries.

J said…
Wow. What a delightfully quaint place! Adorable! :)
Tony Johor Kaki said…
I like this place too. Friendly, cheerful, quaint and cosy. The food is nice too. I especially like their lontong kering. My daughter is asking me to take her to eat mee soto. Warong Saga is the first stall that comes to my mind. Anyone knows another nice mee soto stall in JB, please help ;D