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Indulgence Living Boutique Hotel in Ipoh

Indulgence Living Boutique Hotel Restaurant
Indulgence Living Hotel and Restaurant in Ipoh is actually one of the city's hidden gem brought to you by Julie Song who started this beautiful project back in 1996 at a single shop lot in Canning Gardens.

It is now housed in an old colonial 1940s Tudor mansion located in the old Tambun Road which is one of the city's prime land areas.

With its original main building maintained, there have been minor renovations done to the back and front to make this place complete and winning a few hotel awards and a cuisine award too.

Indulgence Living Boutique Hotel in Ipoh Review

A vast well-taken care yard with large old trees surrounds the building which gives excellent shade during hot days.

It is also used to park your vehicle so there are no worries about space and safety as it is a gated area.

Driving past, you may miss it as there are no huge neon or signboards outside indicating the place so best be attentive when looking for this place.

Indulgence Living Hotel Ipoh
Indulgence Restaurant dining area

The Indulgence restaurant or cafe is apparently quite tastefully done with a nice overall ambiance. Piped jazz music is the mood for the day but take note that pricing is not your Ipoh town coffee shop prices, so expect to pay a little more than Old Town Ipoh.

Serving modern European dishes and a nice range of desserts, many people from expatriates to the who-of-who-in-Ipoh and from locals to even the curious from the capital of Kuala Lumpur make their way there from mostly word of mouth. Again, the menu and food are solely created by Julie Song.

Indulgence Living Restaurant IpohIndulgence Living - Restaurant and Cafe area

For the select crowd, this may suit your taste as they have an extensive collection of international wines with some of the best beef in the world there. We are talking about Wagyu and Kobe.

I am also told that many wedding photographers seem to like this place overall for its ambiance to do their client's photoshoots there. Some even choose to hold the wedding lunch or dinner there.

Catering to a range of parties and functions, one can book a private room or the entire place for a price.

Remember, this is not your local community hall pricing. So inquire within if your budget is all out splurge. Maximum patrons are about 300 people.

Lounge Indulgence Hotel IpohLounge area

A lounge area of the Indulgence ground floor shows some really nice retro furniture. I would seriously love to have one of these sets in my home.

For the smokers, there is a door from the main restaurant area that leads out to a courtyard. Or just head out the main entrance for your fix.

Indulgence Hotel Ipoh PerakFirst-floor decorations

You need to climb a flight of old wooden stairs to get to the boutique rooms which is on the first floor of the building.

On reaching the top, you will be greeted by a lovely home feel with a mix of retro and country. Each of the items here is handpicked and while some are for decorative purposes, the furniture is usable.

Indulgence Hotel Ipoh Decoration
Retro furniture

A small seating area in the lounge of the first floor with a homely feel. They have a set of 60's or 70's retro chairs and tables which matches the overall mood.

Smaller memorabilia of various items are found all over the place including this bright red old bicycle which was a nice touch.

Room at Indulgence Hotel Ipoh
Indulgence Hotel Room

The Indulgence offers you only about 6 different themed rooms and each is named after a different country. Each one uniquely designed and not one is alike.

If you have a taste for something unique compared to the usual hotels, you may want to give this place a try on your next visit to Ipoh.

Prices range from about RM400++ from my last visit there and could be higher now in 2015. 

Ipoh Boutique HotelCreative, simple and yet nice

Ipoh Indulgence HotelBalcony on the 1st floor

A door to the outside balcony reveals some deck chairs under an umbrella for those who want to enjoy the fresh Ipoh air with a good book or even a nice glass of wine or beer.

Again, the Indulgence Living here has put this old mining colony back on the map for those seeking a little upmarket pampering.

Address of Indulgence Living Hotel in Ipoh:
14, Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350,
Ipoh, Perak,
Telephone: +605 2557051
Fax: +605-2426297
Business Hours are 9.00 am to 11.30 pm daily
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Hotel is open all year round

Map to Indulgence Living in Ipoh

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Final Thoughts on Indulgence Living Boutique Hotel in Ipoh

If you are visiting this former mining town for a stay or simply for a day trip, you should give this place a try as it is located in the main town area. 

For the coffee lovers, don't forget to also try the famous Ipoh White Coffee at Wah Nam Cafe while you are around here.

As you already read, the prices here are a little more than the regular cafe so for something a little upmarket, this would be your best choice.

Overall, you are looking at around RM30 to RM50 per person here. They serve breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner at Indulgence Living Hotel and Restaurant in Ipoh.

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