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Borneo Highlands Resort and Bidayuh Spa in Sarawak

Borneo Highlands Resort and Bidayuh Spa
The Borneo Highlands Resort and Bidayuh Spa is another hidden gem in Sarawak. One of the more unique Eco-friendly places, this hill resort is located just out of Kuching town and takes about 1 hour to get there by car or van.

On reaching the resort's foot, you have to use the resorts 4WD service for the journey up to a height of 1,000 meters above sea level on the Penrissen Range surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, which is one of the oldest in the world.

This captivated me whenever I travel, as the type of resorts and spas found around Malaysia are always impressive.

This is also my second time visiting this place in five years, and I highly recommend this for anyone wanting something different.

Borneo Highlands Resort and Bidayuh Spa Review

Borneo Highlands PhotoBreathtaking view

Borneo Highlands Resort and Spa gives you the chance to just let loose and relax while breathing the fresh mountain air, enjoying dazzling scenery and watch amazing sunsets.

The average temperature at this highland is also about 18-28 degrees Celsius; hence it can get a little chilly.

The Borneo Highlands Resort is also a golf retreat with an 18 hole (Par 72) called the Hornbill Golf Course designed by Australian Neil Crafter.

One of the few rare golf courses in Malaysia to be located in the highlands is a golfers paradise.

Not that I play golf, but I know a few friends of mine who would love to give this place a try. You can also rent the entire golf course for RM25,000 (US$8000) per day!

Coffee House in Sarawak BorneoCoffee House at the resort

The resort has another thumbs up on their food choices; at the Annah Rais Café, they have a selection of Organic Food from their own organic vegetable farm.

Now, how many resorts or hotels do you know which have their own local organic garden? This would be perfect for healthy travellers.

Borneo Highlands Spa EntranceThe view at the back of the resort. This is where the Jungle Spa is located.

Sarawak Bidayuh SpaSome beautiful landscaping at the back of the resort outside the Bidayuh Spa

Bar and Restaurant at Borneo HighlandsA bar area located in the hotel

Jungle Spa or Bidayuh Spa at Borneo Highlands Resort

Bidayuh Jungle Spa PhotoFirst-floor massage area in the spa

The much talked about the world's only Bidayuh Spa or Jungle Spa is really a sight to see. Located in the Borneo Highland Resort, this is one spa in Malaysia that spa lovers should try.

The place is well themed and absolutely beautifully decorated with traditional Bidayuh ornaments and craft items.

Spa at Borneo HighlandsView of the spa's massage area with a Burung Kenyalang carving in the foreground

Spa in SarawakTreated dead trees used for part of the decorations

Burung Kenyalang Decoration PhotoBurung Kenyalang (Hornbill) carving at the pool

You will see a traditional Burung Kenyalang (Hornbill) carving at the largest pool, which is modified to sprout water into the treatment pools.

These sought after carvings can fetch as high as RM5,000 per bird depending on the age and size of the carvings.

They are gorgeous, and I have a small one in my home. My next target is to get a large Burung Kenyalang carving.

Spa Bidayuh SarawakChecking the water

Borneo Highlands Bidayuh SpaLush green flora decorated tastefully in the Bidayuh Spa lower section.

The Jungle Spa also has an outdoor glass pool area where you can just sit there and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding highlands and rainforest while absorbing nature here.

The lower part of the Bidayuh Spa is beautifully decorated with live plants, carefully placed all over the premises.

It gives you a fresh feeling when going there like you are in a rainforest oasis. They have a hot, warm and cold pool and also a sauna located on this level.

Sarawak Bidayuh SpaAnother view of the amazing spa pool

David hogan Jr SarawakMe posing on one of the handcrafted wooden chairs 

The Bidayuh Spa offers Massages and Treatments as below:

Peso Perong Therapy (60 mins)
The TRADITIONAL BIDAYUH MASSAGE is the local native massage technique that helps to lengthen and loosen the muscles using homemade massage oil brewed of herbs, coconut, pepper, and ginger. This treatment heats and warms your body for better blood circulation and promotes skin healing.

Merak Dayung Treatment (30 mins)
An ORGANIC FACIAL TREATMENT refreshes your skin with our homemade blend of organic carrot, cucumber, white turnip, egg white, and lemon. The perfect recipe to reduce skin irritations and promote the growth of new cells. This treatment consists of facial cleansing massage, facial scrub, facial mask, and facial toning.

Tiang Bokap Reflexology (45 mins)
The ALOE VERA FOOT REFLEXOLOGY treatment pampers your feet by applying pressure on various parts of your feet that correlate to other organs of your body. This treatment improves blood circulation and soothes the skin.

Dug Scrub (30 mins)
ORGANIC BACK SCRUB TREATMENT is an exfoliating treatment that uses ground Sarawak's coffee beans for men and Sarawak's pulut rice for women, leaving your back feeling soft and smooth as silk.

Mekat San-San Therapy (60 mins)
Aromatherapy Massage

Ruai Qu-Wok Therapy (30 mins)
Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

More services available are:
• Unisex Jungle Spa Area
Hot, Warm, and Cool Pool
• Steam Bath
Steam your way to health
• Sauna
Sauna your worries away
• Shower Rooms
Common Shower Rooms
• Ladies-only Spa Area
equipped with Individual Jacuzzi Baths, Steam Bath and Sauna Rooms

*Please note that the prices have increased since the time of this writing. Check with the spa on the new prices. 

Jalan Borneo Heights, Padawan,
94200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: (6) 019-8280 790, (6) 019-8290 790
Fax: (6) 082-321 900

Kalimantan from 1000 meters above sea level

Lookout Point for KalimantanThe entrance to Kalimantan Lookout Point

This has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have been to. Seriously. It never occurred to me that the views here would sweep me off my feet.

The Kalimantan Viewpoint is just a 5-minute trek from the Borneo Highland Resort, and you will love it just like I did.

Kalimantan View from SarawakThe view of Kalimantan that evening

The kind of view that you will see on an average day. There have been amazing days with beautiful sunsets here. The only thing that can spoil this would be bad weather.

Other than that, you see as far as your eye can see. I spent a good 1 hour here enjoying the views and fresh mountain air.

View from Borneo Highlands ResortThe Kalimantan viewpoint at Borneo Highlands Resort

Note the signpost and height. If you step over the signpost barrier for your added information, you will be in Kalimantan, legally, without a passport.

That is the border between us and Indonesia. However, there are only about 3 to 5 feet of land before it drops 600 meters!

Anyone visiting this area should be extra careful, especially if you have children. For other interesting to do around here, you can check out my other Sarawak articles.


If you have enough time while travelling in Kuching, you can opt to visit this place as it takes about an hour to get there from the town area.

This would be an interesting experience for both spa and sightseeing, as the resort is located high up on a hill.

You can either check with the local tour agents in town or call the Borneo Highlands Resort and Bidayuh Spa for arrangements.


Unknown said...

Dang... I haven't even been there yet! And I'm a sarawakian.. tsk tsk. Dude go wallop all d good food yet?

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Adrian, thank you for the visit. Yes, many people do not know of this place. Yes I did. The kolo mee, laska right till the Iban longhouse food. I will be posting that later in my blog :) Please come by and check it out.

Unknown said...

Nice post, thanks for the information. I am planning to have a trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello airgorilla, thank you for the reply and I hope you have a wonderful trip here, especially to Sarawak and Sabah. Too bad I cannot pot up all my info on these places in one go but rest assured, I should be doing it in the coming weeks.

CHEDU said...

we were supposed to shoot here for TDC!! but we shot at that pariah place in sabah. U recced this place rite? i remember calling them.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Chedu, yeah I did and glad I did it! It was really nice. Which place in Sabah? Monsopiad? hehehe

jocelyncoco said...

the spa pool like evry nice!*-*

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Coco, thanks for the visit. Yes it was very nice. I was so tempted to jump in with my clothes.