Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall in Bandung

Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall in Bandung
Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall in Bandung is one of the very popular places in town especially when you are here to do some serious shopping. When you are in Bandung, drivers or hotel staff will highly recommend this shopping place to you and for those who want a good mix in street and mall shopping, this is the place to visit. Often called Ci-Walk by the locals, you can find just about anything a local mall would offer, just that here, you can get some great discounts and bargains on clothes. 

Ci-Walk Entrance - Ever famous Logo Board / meet up point

This place in the photo above is also the main drop off and pick up area of Cihampelas and you will most probably be dropped off here by your driver or taxi. Unfortunately, there are no waiting benches or kiosk selling drinks at the time I visited. So, if you are tired from walking, just be prepared to wait for your transport.

Cihampelas Walk - Just three floors of shopping

Inside Ci-Walk Mall there is mainly general shopping here so don't bother if you are looking for real bargains, unless you get lucky with some store having a major sale. But if you have to go jalan-jalan, give it a visit. The mall looks pretty decent, clean and modern. Nice toilets too. And they have a ton of fast food here so only if you are a certified mall junkie, then go here.

One of those makeshift areas with a sale going on. Cheap too.

Anyway, I was walking around the Ci-Walk Mall looking for some factory outlets as someone told me there are factory outlets here. Sadly, after much walking, I did not find any factory outlet in the mall, just general shops selling clothes and the same old usual things. However, there were some smaller factory outlets outside the main road from the mall. Just a reminder, this is not the common factory outlet area. This is just a genertal shopping area in Bandung.

Warung Talaga - Local food kiosk

For foodies, one of the interesting local stalls outside the F&B area called Warung Talaga which was selling all kinds of Taufoo (Tahu). I could not help notice the crowd here and I had to try it and the conclusion - it was rather interesting, to eat a local styled Taufoo. Gets really crowded with locals on the weekends so you may end up standing to eat it. 

The local coffee. See the 'serbuk'(coffee dust) in it

Taufoo/Tahu Samosa. Very interesting

Another Taufoo/Tahu dish from Warung Talaga

Eventually, I just made a quick walk around Cihampelas to pass time and did not do any shopping here as I simply wanted to know what the hype was all about. I think the main street outside the mall was more interesting. Again, seriously, unless you have lots of time, then visit Chiampelas Walk. Most people do.

Overall, this place is relatively safe and friendly. A little shopping in the mall and lots of food choice with local to fast food. Even an Italian restaurant was seen there. Great place to bring kids and husbands as you can dump them at one of the street's restaurant while you go crazy shopping.

Be careful going here on weekends as the traffic on the main road can get nasty. I went on a Friday and I had to wait for about 30 minutes for my driver (supir) to come pick me. The traffic jam can be crazy here on weekends so just a heads up. For more info on Hotels, Taxi and Van services in Bandung, please visit my Bandung Hotel List.

For those heading to Bandung, you may want to do some homework before going there. The ultimate reason people come here is mainly for the shopping especially at the Factory Outlets in Bandung. Otherwise, it is sight seeing and golf. For those who are into the general shopping and local food, the one place you can visit is Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall in Bandung.